Bad Credit Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval

Do You Need Cash Before Payday?

Your past financial situation may continue to affect you even after several years. You may be denied loans because of bad credit. Your inability to repay a loan in the past may affect your chance of obtaining a loan now. Do not let that happen to you. We will connect you to lenders who will fund your payday loan irrespective of your credit history. Our partners analyze your situation and help you in the best way they can.

The good thing about bad credit payday loan online is that you can apply for the loan from the comfort of your home. If you urgently need a loan, you can start the application while you are sitting behind your computer at work or while you are watching your favorite TV program at home. You only need a computer and internet access. Our site is always available, even on weekends and holidays.

The privacy of our website users is our utmost priority. We protect your data with advanced encryption technology, so your personal information is safe with us. We expect borrowers to submit accurate information to facilitate the loan request process.

Since we are talking about information, you may be wondering the kind of information our lenders require. Although the information our lenders need varies from one lender to the other, some requirements run through. Our lenders do not grant loans to minors; you should be at least 18 years old to apply for a loan. You should also provide a valid ID card and you should be a resident of the United States. Our lenders also grant loans to people who have the ability to pay back the loan. This requirement means that the borrower should have a steady source of income. Usually, you would be asked to provide your bank statement to verify this.

You should also have an active checking account if you want to apply for bad credit payday loans. The lender would disburse the loan into that account. Our lenders would also need your contact details to communicate with you. You need to provide your phone number and email address. Your social security number is also essential when requesting for a loan. You do not require collateral when applying for a payday loan. Our lenders may run brief credit score checks, but that does not mean you cannot access a loan if you have bad credit. Our lenders grant loans to many people with bad credit. Usually, bad credit loans depend on your current financial situation, that is, your current income.

The Loan Request Process

When you send in your loan request, our lenders will analyze your application and make offers based on your qualification. They usually consider your income in determining the loan amount they offer. You can choose from the offers they have made. You are under no obligation to choose one particular lender or the other. You have the opportunity to select the one who suits your needs best. When you contact the lender you would like to deal with, the lender may ask for additional documents. They would grant your loan after you meet all their requirements. The process is fast, and you can receive your approval notification on the same day. You would receive the money in your account as early as the next business day.

Interest Rates of Bad Credit Payday Loans

The interest rate will depend on the loan type. Usually, bad credit loans have high interest rates. However, our lenders try as much as possible to spread the loan into monthly payments so that you can repay without stressing out too much. Our lenders follow state policies, and the policy requires that they inform you about the interest rate. Hence, they make sure that you are aware of the interest rate and you agree to it. The lender will add the processing fee to the total amount. The good news is that we will connect you to direct lenders so you not need to worry about agent fees. You will not pay any middleman after securing the loan.

How Do I Repay the Bad Credit Loan?

The next issue is about the repayment of the loan. The lender may ask you to set up an automatic withdrawal system that allows you to repay the loan even if you have forgotten about it. In this case, the money is taken out from your account on the due day. You need to have enough cash in your account to cover the loan. You should pick a due date that makes it easy to repay your loan. For instance, the date should always be after you have received your salary. Your lender would discuss the repayment terms with you. There may also be an option where you can pay the loan into an account provided by the lender. Depending on the amount, there are options for single repayment or monthly installments. If the amount is small and you can repay the total amount on your next payday, our lenders will help you make that arrangement. Our lenders want to make it easy for you to repay your loan and, they would help you choose the option which is most convenient for you.

Terms and Conditions 

Our lenders have terms and conditions, and the fact that you have chosen a lender means you agree to the terms and conditions of the lender. It is essential to read the lender’s terms and conditions before accepting to proceed with them. The conditions bind on you once you decide to continue even if you have not read them. Our lender’s decision to approve or disapprove your loan depends on your qualification. We do not play any role in the process. Our role ends when you choose your lender. All our lenders are safe and reliable, and every information you provide to them is considered confidential. Payday loans are short-term loans; they are beneficial when treated as such. You should only use them to solve emergency situations because they are expensive compared to long term loans.