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It is the middle of the month, and your car has broken down, your bathroom needs fixing. Unfortunately, the money available is barely enough to cater for food and hospital emergencies until the next payday. You need fast cash access, but the fear of exposing your financial struggles holds you back from asking favors from friends and family. Unfortunately, your local bank can’t bail you out either owing to your poor credit score. There is no need to panic. We ensure that such emergencies do not frustrate you or pull you back through the provision of loans which you can repay on the next payday. If you need money now, an effortless process using your mobile phone or your computer will get your finances sorted.

I Need Money Now

Understand Online Payday Loans

For some years, people have enjoyed the convenience of payday loans when they are issued quick cash loans using their paychecks as collateral. The flexibility of such advances is their possibility of being used in almost every situation. Payday loans have become more popular with the introduction of online payday loans which allow any loan requester to access the cash quickly through an easy and straightforward application process. At loans-n-loans.com, anyone can request for a loan from anywhere which makes the process flexible and hassle-free. We connect you to a suitable lender who grants the credit on time, and the money is deposited into the account after the processing is completed.

What are the features of payday loans?

  • Payday loans are generally small loans which range between $500 and $1000 to get a borrower through the next payday.
  • In most cases, the issued loan is repaid in single lump sum on the next payday. However, some payday loans are paid in monthly installments although the interest rate remains constant through the payments. These types of payday loans are installment loans which are in higher amounts and paid according to an agreed schedule.
  • While repaying the loan, the borrower is required to write a post-dated check including any fees to the lender or authorize the creditor to debit the funds electronically from your prepaid card account, a credit union or bank.
  • Other loans features vary with the lender and the agreement with the borrower.

The processing of accessing the loan

Getting a paycheck advance with us is a smooth and transparent process without hidden fees. We consider several factors which includes your income, age and credit record, among other factors in the processing of the internet loan. The steps in the process are:

  1. Receiving of loan request – a loan request is received after it’s appropriately filled out by the client. The client should provide their necessary information, including names, your job and the loan they require.
  2. The next step is processing entirely by us to connect the loan requestor with a direct financier who will grant the advance request. The request made should meet the requirements of the lender. An active bank account to deposit the funds, information of current employment, age-appropriate (at least 18 years old) and nationality (US citizen) are some of the factors considered during the processing and disbursement of the loan.
  3. The third step involves paperwork which is done electronically. The loan requestor will receive the paperwork from the lender for review and signature. Information covered include loan granted, the lender and the agreed payment structure and schedule.
  4. After paperwork and agreement, the funds are deposited in the provided bank account the next business day.

Due to the high rate of defaulting, lenders may credit check the borrowers before granting their requests. They query consumer databases inclusive of CL, Verify, DataX, among others to ascertain the identity of the borrowers and their personal loan history. The cash advance is offered at a higher interest rate because the small loans have a high risk to the lender which must be built into the ultimate price of the debt.

Available Loan Types

  • Installment loans
    Installment loans allow you to request for a fixed amount of money and repay using a fixed schedule in manageable amounts. The client has an understanding of the money that they are supposed to pay per month which allows them to budget their salary and facilitate timely loan payment to ensure a good credit history. Installment loans work best for people dealing with medical emergencies or those running businesses and they failed to access a bank loan. These loan types have fixed interest rates, thus the borrowers repay an equal amount of cash each month. Consider getting an installment loan in case you need to re-stock your business.
  • Bad credit payday loans
    Many Americans are facing financial struggles, and it gets worse when they can’t finance their previous loans on time. The situation results in bad credit history which forces people out of traditional lending. Bad credit payday loans are an alternative source of funding for such people which they will receive almost instantly to complete their different projects.
  • Payday short-term loans
    Cash advances, installments loans, and payday loans are short-term payday loans offered at loans-n-loans.com. It is advisable to conduct extensive research to choose the appropriate loan type.

Why choose online Payday Loans?

You get home and find your kid in extreme pain. He is down with acute pneumonia, and he requires urgent treatment. What would be more convenient? Rushing to a building with long lines where other customers would not understand your agony or using your phone/computer to apply for instant cash as your child receives the treatment he urgently needs. At loans-n-loans.com, there are no long lines to endure or unfriendly employees who don’t understand your panic. Pay cash day allows any eligible person to borrow the right amount of money they require to solve specific financial issues that cannot be postponed until payday. The repayment method is convenient and straightforward. A payday loan provides a suitable repayment timeline that fits well with the next payday to avoid any inconveniences from both parties.

Unlike traditional lending, payday loans rarely have credit history checks. Getting a loan from conventional lending institution takes some time since they have to run credit checks on their client before giving him the loan. It makes it frustrating for customers that require instant cash and day loans are the suitable alternative for them. Many of the lenders do not check the credit history of the loan requester, and thus the process of approving the loan is swift and without frustration.

There have been cases where traditional banking institution have exposed the credit information of their clients making them vulnerable. We value the confidentiality of our clients, and we ensure security for the sensitive information which makes our services credible and reputable. The personal information provided when requesting for the loan cannot be shared or stolen which is ensured by robust security systems that we have in place.

Why make timely loan repayments

We emphasize discipline among our clients which helps creates a good partnership between the borrower and lender. We urge anyone who requests for a loan to ensure that they are comfortable with the amount they borrow which enable them to fulfill promises of timely monthly repayments. A bad reputation in repayment affects the credit history of any person negatively, and this will inconvenience you the next time you are in need of urgent cash. Defaulting payment may prompt the lender to report the instance to credit bureaus, and one may be forced to pay hefty fines and pay late payment fees. Timely loan repayments is an assurance of credibility and reliability as a customer.

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